Avantulo, S.A.


Avantulo, S.A. Corporate Profile

Avantulo, S.A. - is an Asset Management Company formed in Panama, which was organized as a Capitalization Corporation structured to finance various Worldwide Projects. 

Avantulo, S.A. President - CEO 

Representative and account Signatory is Mr. Francis Anthony Jankauskas.

Avantulo, S.A Director - Mr. Robert Adams

Avantulo, S.A. Corporate Advisor  - Mr. Christopher McDiarmid

Avantulo, S.A is using its own available Project Capital providing funds for its Foundation Management Company called "Nauta Capital Foundation" which is also owned and managed by Avantulo,S.A. with its technology development management company in place called Global Ocean Group.

Please explore the information of our associated affiliated companies from the various links provided herein for a better understanding of our mission and Corporate Structured Profile.

Avantulo, S.A. - Management Company

Avantulo, S.A. Technology Project Group

Corporate Office - 

 - Panama City, Panama

Avantulo, S.A. - President - CEO

Representative and account Signatory

Mr. Francis Anthony Jankauskas.

Avantulo, S.A. - Corporate Advisor

Mr. Christopher McDiarmid

Avantulo, S.A. - Director 

Mr. Robert Adams